Ella - All Your Dream Come True


Hi! I’m Ella. I’m in my late-20s and currently working a 9-5 job in corporate communications. This is not all there is to me though! I’ve identified the aspects of my life that I want to change and I’m taking positive steps towards learning ways of how to do it. Join me on my quest!

All Your Dreams Come True is my outlet for writing about all the aspects of my life I want to improve on. It’s a way for me to research all the things I want to and keep a record for myself and for others who might be interested on following me on a similar path.

I’m passionate about working towards goals and dreams. Be it my quest for a perfect body, financial freedom, a happier family or seeing more of the world. We should all be more focused on what we really want out of life and having goals is the best way to do so!

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