Experience your favorite moments in 360 degrees



The way we capture our favourite moments has now gone to another level thanks to the invention of 360-degree cameras. 360-degree camerasare now the new way of taking pictures and recording videos. These cameras give you the capability to record everything around you at once.

360FLY 4K

360fly 4k captures in both 360 degrees and First – person Point Of Views (POV) modes to suit your every desire.  This 360® doesn’t only allow you to capture your moment, but you can edit and share moments in less than 90 seconds. It is perfectly designed for outdoor activities; the body is dustproof, waterproof and shockproof.  The video view is 2880 × 2880 pixels to support 360 x 240 field of view degrees. 360fly 4k capture high-quality pictures and videos, even though it doesn’t capture 360-degree video in every direction.  The camera supports Android and iOS powered mobile devices. Connectivity options include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.  The device comes with 64GB internal memory.

Samsung Gear 360-degree camera

Samsung Gear 360-degree captures moments from every angle in 4K HD video.  The gadget allows you to live broadcast the moment you want to share with your friends and family. It can be paired with mobile device or computer. The 4096×2048 pixels camera is water resistant and user-friendly; it also allows to edit your content. Samsung Gear 360-degree is compatible with Gear VR headset to relive your moments. You can choose from five viewing modes to suit your moment.

If only the camera could capture in 360 the formation of winning combinations at internet gambling sites then it would be the ultimate camera. The camera is small in sizes and very light weighing only 130g. Capture every moment without being limited, MicroSD slot is expandable up to 256GB.  The battery last for 130 minutes when recording 2560×1280 video. Gear 360-degree is compatible with Android and IOS devices but these require the installation of the mobile app first. Macs and PCs are also compatible with this camera after the software installed.