Food Prices Skyrocket In Canada



Experts warn that increasing prices of groceries is going to put most of the vulnerable populations at risk of malnutrition. The executive director of food security in Canada, explained that food prices should not go up by 3% to 5% this 2017 as according to earlier reports. The director expressed her concern by explaining that all low income families will struggle to put food on their tables. She explained that this greatly affects all those communities living in the northern parts of Canada. What makes the matter so serious and scary is that Canada already has 4million Canadians who can’t afford healthy diets. The increase in prices for groceries will just make it worse.

Researches at Dalhousie revealed that prices of meat, vegetables, fish and other food items will increase by 4 to 6 %. The cost of all bakery and dairy produce will also increase. This also affect people participating in gambling online. Dairy products will increase by 2%. It is crystal clear that if government does consequently increase salaries then people will suffer. This is because the majority of people already cannot afford the food.

Other reports claimed that Donald Trump and his views on immigration have a major effect on Canadian food prices. His policies are resulting in massive deportation of undocumented workers. These obviously can no longer fend for themselves given that they have no work. This is bad for them because they will not cope the accelerating food prices.

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