Get It Right! Five Ways to Do Press Ups

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Getting your press up right is massively important, not only for you to receive the benefits and effects you’re wanting from your exercise, but also to make sure you don’t injure yourself in the process.

Regardless of what kind of press up you do, and there are many different variations, it’s important to not push yourself too far. You can build up the intensity of your exercise as you get stronger, but always begin with plenty of room and a firm surface to press against.

These are the basics for any kind of press up:

-       Get yourself into a face down position on the floor

-       Your weight should be on your chest

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Five Ingredients You Don’t Want in Your Child’s Diet

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Food and nutrition for children can be a minefield. You want to give your children the best start in life, so of course you’re going to take their diet seriously. It’s not so easy when you’re constantly being hit with advertisements for sweets, cakes, treats on the TV, and of course your little ones are going to want to taste these forbidden fruits!

Making healthy choices is important early on life, and to instil a healthy attitude to food as well. This becomes harder when foods are packed with certain ingredients that totally hinder your battle to help your children have the healthiest start.

Here are five ingredients you certainly don’t want your children consuming either in small amounts or at all.

Sunset Yellow

You might have heard of this, it’s been in the news quite a lot over recent years, but if you’re not aware, Sunset Yellow is an artificial colourant that is often added to sugary drinks and juices, to give colour. Sunset Yellow has been linked to hyperactivity in children, and I remember when I was younger it used to do the same thing to me whenever I had orange flavoured drinks containing this ingredient. Needless to say my parents quickly stopped me having them!

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Safety First!



When travelling the world, there are many things you need to think about, not least what you’re going to take with you in that oversized suitcase!

You might think you have everything covered – passport? Check! Visa? Sorted! Currency changed? Of course!

What is left?

Have you sorted out your travel insurance? If not, why not?

Health and safety is one important aspect of travelling that should not be left behind. E111or most popularly known nowadays as European Health Insurance Card is one if not the most important item that needs to be taken cared before travel.

This is probably the one thing that anyone heading off on holiday will find to be the most boring item on the list, but it is the single most important, after your passport of course. What if something goes wrong? What if you need medical attention? What if you lose your suitcase with all your worldly belongings inside?

You will be needing that travel insurance, and let’s face it, it hardly takes too long to organise does it?

There is one other item which you should be putting high up on the importance list too, and that’s the EHIC.

What is this thing we are speaking about?

EHIC stands for European Health Insurance Card, and this entitles those travelling from an eligible country within Europe and Switzerland to receive reciprocal healthcare within EEU countries, and Switzerland. There are a few exceptions to the rule of course, i.e. you can’t travel with the intention of accessing private healthcare, and if you are planning to have your baby within a country, this is going to have to be well proven to be an occurrence you couldn’t have avoided, but generally speaking, the EHIC has many advantages, and is something you should be organising ahead of time.

The EHIC replaced the old E111, which went out of circulation a few years ago. The EHIC is free to apply for online, comes very quickly in the post, and is required for every single person travelling, children included. There is a rather long expiry date on these cards, so you have to remember to check validity if you’ve had it a while, and then head online to renew.

The downside?

Well, there isn’t one really. You will still need travel insurance, and having a valid EHIC doesn’t mean this need is replaced. Your EHIC covers you for emergency treatment and problems as such, it doesn’t cover you for loss of baggage, cancellation, and all the other matters which your travel insurance will help you out with. The good thing about having both is peace of mind – because you know you’re always covered.

So, what are you waiting for? Head online, order your card, store it somewhere safe in your hand luggage, and know that you are more than covered for any problems.

Better to be safe than sorry!

Tips on Packing a Lighter Suitcase

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Whether you’re trying to be clever and save money, hoping to only travel with hand luggage, or whether you’re simply trying to save your back, and not drag an oversized suitcase from home to wherever you’re flying from, packing a lighter suitcase is an art form.

I don’t feel I can speak for every female on the planet, but I can certainly speak for myself when I say that packing is a nightmare. I don’t enjoy having to decide what I’m going to wear every day and night for the duration of my travels, as well as coordinating accessories, and other travel essentials. It’s hard work, and it’s downright stressful. Having said that, it’s unavoidable, so this is where cutting down might save your back, your stress, and your money.

It can be done, it just takes a little ruthless thinking and some serious packing tactics.

1)     Think what you’re going to put it all in

If you can buy one of those World’s Lightest suitcases, this will certainly give you a lighter start. I’ve had a couple of these and found them very useful, but any suitcase that isn’t hard-cased will be a good basis.

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