Five Popular Cruise Destinations

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Cruising these days is the new black.

Once upon a time, cruising used to be something only the very rich, or slightly older generation did, but these days it’s all changed. With plentiful cheap cruises around, the cost of food and drink all included in the price, and entertainment on board for all age groups, cruising is certainly in vogue.

So with that in mind, you have to say that there are countless destinations on offer, but where are the best?

Well, here are five of them.


A city with no cars, no smog, serene sounds, and beautiful scenery – is it any wonder that Venice is one of Europe, and indeed the world’s main cruise destinations? Many cruises set sail from Venice, meaning it is the ideal choice for a few days stay before you set sail.

Alternatively, many cruises include Venice on the itinerary as a day excursion.

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The Big Question – Should I Consider Home Schooling?

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When it comes to your child’s education, there are few more important things in life. Giving your child the best start in life revolves around many different factors, but education and learning are imperative, to not only arm your mini me with the skills and knowledge to head off into the big wide world, but also to teach them how to socialise with others, teach them tolerance and equality, create an open mind, and help them develop as people.

Many parents nowadays go down the home schooling route, and this is for many different reasons. Many you don’t agree completely with the curriculum your child is being taught, or maybe you’re unhappy with the class sizes, and you don’t feel your child is getting the best chance to learn adequately. Maybe your particular family like to travel and move around, so enrolling at different schools just isn’t practical, or maybe you and your child have a problem with a particular teacher. Whatever the reason, home schooling is not only achievable, but can be hugely successful.

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Common Places to Meet Your New Partner

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You’re never going to find your new beau sat on your sofa in your pyjamas, watching TV; the bottom line is that you have to leave the house, and get out and about. You could meet the man or woman of your dreams walking down the street to work, and the exciting thing is just that – it could happen anywhere, at any time!

You have to play the odds here, because let’s face it, you’re not really going to meet anyone significant at the cinema, are you? Correct me if I’m wrong, and I’m sure someone out there did meet their other half over a bucket of popcorn, but the odds are low, because not that many people feel comfortable enough to go to cinema alone, and if they do, you kind of have to keep quiet whilst watching a film. You can’t meet new people if you don’t speak.

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What are Property Trusts?

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Property trusts are investments of your money into, you guessed it, property. They are also sometimes called property funds or property syndicates. The general idea is that investors buy “units” in an investment property, which is then run by a professional investment manager. It is the investment manager’s responsibility to drive up the value of the property and sale it for as much of a profit as possible. Your money remains invested (and thus tied up) in the property until it sales, simultaneously ending the trust. The net proceeds of the sale are then distributed among the investors.

Investment managers are also in charge of choosing and buying the investment property, which can be in any area from commercial, retail, or industrial. It is their goal to identify the properties that have the greatest potential for high returns. The investment manager must look after maintenance, administration, rental collection, and improvements to the property during the duration of the trust.

It is sometimes possible to get what is called distributions in return for investing in the property trust. Distributions are essentially a source of regular income for up to six months. These are not guaranteed, however, and should not be seen a way to support oneself while unwisely investing too much of your money in property trusts.

Trusts, in general, are legal arrangements where one or more trustees are made legally responsible for holding assets. In the case of property trusts, this is the investment manager. The assets — could be land, property, money, buildings, shares, antiques, etc — are placed in trust for the benefit of one or more “beneficiaries” (you). The trustees (property manager) are responsible for managing the trust and carrying out the wishes of the person who has put the assets into trust. In other words, the property manager should be working for you.

Are property trusts something you have experience with or are looking to get into?

Photo Credit: Fred Dawson via photopin cc