Effects of China’s Visa Policy on Gaming and Travel


The world continues to shrink with each passing year. The time required to communicate with people in regions several thousands of kilometres away is now less than ever before. The quality of the communication continues to get better and better. At present, it is possible to have a face to face discussion with multiple people who are in different countries, in real time. Even the time required to travel across vast oceans and seas is at its lowest ever in history. This globalisation has resulted in the policies of one government affecting activities in many other countries, especially when the country is China.

China has recently reviewed the outgoing Visa requirements for its nationals. This has had a positive impact on international travel. More and more of China’s elite are seeking to spend their money gaming in less traditional destinations. This has given rise to the growth of new locations as potential destinations for Asian millionaires looking to play.

Destinations of choice for many casino high rollers like Vegas are beginning to lose their appeal to this market segment. When coupled with the steady decline of casino empires in regions including Macau it has given room for places like Sidney, Australia to begin to gain recognition.

The amount of traffic that the Australian casinos have received after the easing of travel restrictions by the Asian superpower has dramatically increased.

This traffic is not proportional to the decline in the amount of business that Macau receives. Consequently, this points to the shift in travel policy as one of the main drivers of the increased external travelling by the high roller casino game players. For the rest of the population they will just have to enjoy the best of online casino gaming on sites such as www.casinouk.co.uk where anyone can be a VIP or a higher without raking up frequent flyer miles.

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