The True Sophistication of Cannes


When it comes to finding the most glamorous destinations on the planet to visit, the list isn’t truly that long, because these destinations are super-exclusive! You need a certain number of boxes ticked to be somewhere ‘ultra glam’, and that’s a hard pair of designer shoes to fill.

Where would you visit if you were wanting to head to a destination as glitzy and glamorous as an A lister celeb’s holiday home?

How about Cannes?

Cannes began life as a small fishing village, but nowadays it is one of the most visited destinations by the rich and famous, and not only during the Cannes Film Festival!

Of course, there are a few ways to make Cannes kinder on the budget, but if you’re visiting somewhere this sophisticated, you really should try and go all out! You can begin that theme by thinking about how you’re going to get from the airport to your hotel – how about hiring a limo? This means you will fit right in when you touch down in Cannes, and you won’t be typically labelled a tourist. Do you want to be a tourist in Cannes? No! You want to be someone who fits in!

From the moment you land you will see that life is just a little different here, compared to anywhere else. Everything glitters that little bit more, the sun seems to shine brighter, the sea seems to glisten, and the air seems to be infused with sophistication. Put simply, a visit to Cannes is like nowhere else on earth.

The Old Town is a definite must visit, because this is where you can see some of the authentic side of life. The winding streets are packed with restaurants and shops where you can find souvenirs to take back home, and not all of them are super-expensive! Be sure to check in to Marche Forville, the Covered Market, because you can try some delicious delicacies here, whilst grabbing some possibly much needed shade from the sun.

There are many beaches in Cannes but most of them are private and you will need to pay to gain access. This is a plus point however because it means they are never to crowded. You can combine this with a walk down the city’s most exclusive walkway – La Croisette.

Of course, a spot of designer shopping is a must do but if you’re trying to rein in the spending, window shopping is fun too!

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