Tips on Packing a Lighter Suitcase

Whether you’re trying to be clever and save money, hoping to only travel with hand luggage, or whether you’re simply trying to save your back, and not drag an oversized suitcase from home to wherever you’re flying from, packing a lighter suitcase is an art form.

I don’t feel I can speak for every female on the planet, but I can certainly speak for myself when I say that packing is a nightmare. I don’t enjoy having to decide what I’m going to wear every day and night for the duration of my travels, as well as coordinating accessories, and other travel essentials. It’s hard work, and it’s downright stressful. Having said that, it’s unavoidable, so this is where cutting down might save your back, your stress, and your money.

It can be done, it just takes a little ruthless thinking and some serious packing tactics.

1)     Think what you’re going to put it all in

If you can buy one of those World’s Lightest suitcases, this will certainly give you a lighter start. I’ve had a couple of these and found them very useful, but any suitcase that isn’t hard-cased will be a good basis.

2)     Think mix and match

Right, this is where you do have to think cleverly. I always find staple colours work best here, and staple items of clothing. For instance, black leggings and a black top can be dressed up or down – add a belt and throw on some jewellery, and you’re sorted. The same can be said for maxi dresses, they can be worn day or night, and dressed up or down. I’m not female bias here, the same goes for men – you don’t need several pairs of shorts, you just need a couple in plain staple colours that can be adjusted accordingly day or evening. The same goes for shirts.

3)     Wear your heaviest items

I usually travel in my wedge shoes. I know this sounds a little bizarre because they’re not overly comfortable, but they do take up a lot of space and weight in my case. The same can be said for large coats, if you’re going somewhere chilly, or a hoody. Wear it to travel in, and you won’t need to pack it.

4)     Consider sharing toiletries

If there’s a couple of you travelling, why not buy large toiletry bottles, split them between your cases, and split the cost. I find toiletries to be the heaviest items in my suitcase, so being a little ruthless on what you really need to take, and not being tempted to fill your case with the entire contents of the local supermarket, will help.

5)     Go paperless

If you’re a travel reader like me, someone who loves to read books on the beach, then consider downsizing to a Kindle, or an eBook reader, and cut out the need to take lots of heavy books. I was a little sceptical about this at first, because I love the feel of a book in my hands, but I’ve read even more since I’ve had my Kindle and it’s great when I go on holiday, because I just load it up with books, and the great thing is it never gets any heavier!

Packing a lighter suitcase takes a ruthless mind, clever thinking, and a bit of preparation, but once achieved, you’ll be wondering what all the fuss was about.

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