Styrofoam Technology Saving Lives


What’s not to like about Styrofoam? Most people think of disposable food containers and packaging materials when they hear about Styrofoam. It is shocking to others that the same Styrofoam is now used as a building material. Dome houses made from Styrofoam are becoming increasingly popular in Japan. This is because they are highly earthquake resistant, inexpensive and quick to build. Styrofoam also has thermal insulating properties.

Japan Dome House Company has been selling Styrofoam for many years. The demand for this material sharply increased last year. In 2016, Japan’s Kumamoto prefecture was hit by an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.0. The earthquake took many lives and left many people seriously injured. The earthquake seriously damaged conventional buildings. Thanks to some online gambling companies which donated money for rebuilding. However, Kyushu village didn’t suffer from the earthquake. This was because the village is a housing complex with about 480 closely packed dome shaped houses made from Styrofoam.

The Japanese company that manufactures Styrofoam was failing to convince people to buy its product. The Kumamoto prefecture experience was the one that displayed the superiority of Styrofoam.

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The ultra-lightweight Styrofoam pieces are glued together to create a dome. Combined with the shape the houses they become very sturdy and resistant to strong earthquakes. Japan Dome House Company does not use regular Styrofoam. The material has been improved and is much stronger than the disposable material. Styrofoam dome houses are easily customizable. This then allows users to add their unique touch to the domes. These domes can be used as regular small hotels, guesthouses or even as permanent residences. The material is cheap and easy to use. They can also be used as temporary homes in times of disasters.

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